1. G asks you a riddle. The answer to it is MOGUL.
2. Press yes and receive your mission.
3. Put the sled in your inventory.
4. Go to the Ski Mountain and use the sled on the Test Run Hill.
5. You will eventually crash and find yourself in the wilderness.
6. Take the piece of rope in the first area.
7. Scroll to the right and pick up the Survival Guide.
8. Keep scrolling right and click the next passage.
9. Pick up the broken ski and put it in your inventory.
10. Put the ski and the rope together and you have the beginning of a fishing pole.
11. Scroll all the way left and go through the passage.
12. Then go through the next passage immediately.
13. Take 3 berries from the bush and take them with you.
14. Put 1 berry on your fishing pole.
15. Look to your right and see a pot in the tree.
16. Start shaking the tree, then pick up the pot.
17. Then go to the passage on the right with the stump.
18. All the puffles run except for the black one.
19. Feed the black puffle a berry and he follows you.
20. Scroll to the right, and go through the passage to the cave.
21. Go into the cave by clearing the bushes.
22. Click one of the rocks and they should form a circle.
23. Then, go out of the cave and to the left to an area and pickup a log. (Wood)
24. Then, take your pot and fill it with water.
25. Go back to the cave and put the wood and Survival Book in the circle.
26. Then, move so that the black puffle is on top of the circle.
27. Feed him a berry and he will ignite the fire.
28. Boil the water on the fire and then drink it.
29. You fall asleep and then wake up and go outside.
30. An agent takes you back and then you complete the mission.
31. You win a medal and a letter.

*Source: Big Bella (Trainee Moderator)


Anonymous said...

She Copied it of miniclip

Lady Maryann of CPCrazy said...

Nope. I copied it from Big Bella but i do not know her link anymore coz everything was copied to notepad now. thats why her name is in there.

please identify yourself.


Adonica M. said...

This really helped, but only with the part about the secret word. The rest was a piece of cake!