Question #1: Rockhopper lost something very precious to him, what is it?
Answer: His Journal

Question #2: He lost it at least Three (3) times. True or False?
Answer: False. (He lost it 2 times only)

Question #3: How many days was the longest time it was lost before Rockhopper found it?
Answer: 418 Days (I accepted 417 & 419 Days too. He lost it June 10 2005 and found it August 2 2006)

First & Longest: Lost June 10 2005 & Found August 2 2006

Second & Shorter: Lost June 14 2008 & Found April 28 2008

Question #4: In whole of Club Penguin Island, there is ONLY ONE "item" or "thing" that resembles human form, What is it?
Answer: Human Head or Human Face or Wig & Sunglasses Holder

Question #5: Which room/rooms can you find it?
Answer: Gift Shop and Sports Shop (And Backstage during the Music Jam but this question was posted before the Music Jam started)

Question #6: How many times did it appear in that/those room/rooms?
Answer: 6 (5 in the Gift Shop and 1 in the Sports Shop. There are also 2 in the Backstage during the Music Jam but this question was posted before the Music Jam started)

Gift Shop & Sports Shop

Backstage during Music Jam

Question #7:
Where in Club Penguin can I find pencils?
Answer: Ski Village (On the Tour Guide Booth, there are 2 pencils. There was also a pencil in the Dojo during April Fool's Party but it had only 1 pencil. Question asked for "pencils")

Question #8: In Club Penguin, How many doors has a keyhole in it?
Answer: 5. But 6 if the Migrator is in CP. (Pet Shop, Boiler Room, Lighthouse, Dojo & HQ. 6th is Rockhopper's Quarters in the Migrator)

Question #9:
One of Rockhopper's favorite picture pose is flipper on hip with Yarr on his shoulder. Which room/rooms can I find this similar image?Answer: Lighthouse and Captain's Quarters in the Migrator

Question #10:
What is the maximum number of Postcards can you save in Penguin Mail?
Answer: 50, NOT 99. ;-) (Only Mega Dude1 got this correctly!)

Question #11:
Who are the official members of the Club Penguin Team?
Answer: RSnail, Billybob, Happy77, Screenhog & Gizmo



Question #1: How many Triangles can you see?

Answer: 44

Question #2:
In this Puzzle, "26 L of the A" makes 26 Letters of the Alphabet. Now, what can you make of this?
13 P C in C P

Answer: 13 Penguin Colors in Club Penguin (Except for Spoil Pink and Pen Flippy, I wonder why you didn't get this ;-))

Question #3:
Your last Mission, Inspector Crazy!
Rockhopper was out on his beach enjoying a nice, summer afternoon. Suddenly there was a shadow behind him. He turned to see who it was.

"Hey, could you…" Then he saw no more.

Inspector Crazy thought as he drove to his newest crime scene, "It's too nice of a day to be working." When he arrived at the scene, he saw the victim, Rockhopper, lying dead with a huge hole in his chest. No sooner had he seen the victim than the murdered man's neighbor, Cena12121, came running. Inspector Crazy was about to ask him who he was when Rockhopper's other neighbor, Mike92, showed up.

Inspector Crazy asked them, "Who're you guys?" He'd just finished when a man in a boat pulled up. Inspector Crazy grumbled to himself, "This is getting ridiculous!"

After all three men introduced themselves, Inspector Crazy asked them what they were doing there.

Mike92 replied, "I saw your car and Cena12121 over here, so I decided to come and check it out."

Cena12121 explained, "I was out on my beach when I saw you walk down here, so I also decided to see what was going on."

The man from the boat, Straw000, said, "I was driving my boat when I heard a gunshot, so I came to investigate."

Addressing them all, Inspector Crazy said, "You'd better wait here while I investigate the crime scene."

As he combed the entire beach, he found nothing, at least until . . .

"Augh! What's that shining in my eyes?"

He looked up and saw a single, focused point of light. He walked over to see what it was. "Ah," he thought slyly to himself, "this is making things very interesting."

He walked back to the group, pointed to one of them and announced, "You, come with me. You're under arrest for the murder of Rockhopper."

Who killed Rockhopper?
  1. Cena12121
  2. Straw000
  3. Mike92
How did Inspector Crazy know?

Answer: Straw000 How? Inspector Crazy Said: Straw000 claimed to hear a gunshot while out on the water over the sound of his boat motor, while neither neighbor said anything about hearing a gunshot. I'm guessing the hole in Rockhopper' chest was a stab wound, and the knife was lying on the beach and reflecting the sunlight. Also, if it had been either neighbor that he knew well, you would think Rockhopper would have addressed them differently, as opposed to "hey, could you..." like he would a stranger like Straw000.

Peace Rocks ~Lady Maryann~



Question #1: When was Club Penguin officially launched? (Month, Day & Year)
Answer: October 24, 2005

Question #2: Who/What was the mysterious Boiler Room Keeper?
Answer: Green Puffle

Question #3: In reference to Question #2, Who unlocked the Mystery of the Boiler Room?
Answer: RodgerRodger

Question #4: With the coming of the Penguin Mail soon, what was invented that will be used to carry mail to penguin's igloos quickly?
Answer: PufflePoster1002

Question #5: Where in Club Penguin can you find the IMAGE below?

Answer: Dance Lounge


This Pitstop is a Hidden Question. The hints were:

HINT1: One of the most popular penguins in Club Penguin holds the Treasure Chest where the Hidden Question is. Find that penguin.

HINT2: Look around CPCrazy Only.

Find the Hidden Riddle. The hint said that it is one of THE MOST popular penguins in CP. By MOST POPULAR means that THAT PENGUIN is know by MOST of the penguins. So it could be Rockhopper or Aunt Arctic or Club Penguin Team. The Club Penguin Team Members aren't as popular as those 2 though. Hint #1 also mentioned TREASURE CHEST. That eliminates Aunt Arctic and everyone else ;-) Rockhopper keeps the Treasure Chest and holds the Hidden Question. Hint #2 said to look around in CPCrazy only. All penguins featured in CPCrazy's Slumbook. In Slumbook, you can browse through all the penguin slumbook entries until you find Rockhopper OR there is a link in the Left Sidebar. Click on the DATE when Race #6.2 was posted. That will bring you to Rockhopper. Nice huh? ;-)


How many DAYS did it take for Rockhopper to return to Club Penguin after setting the Migrator to sail for the very first time?

584 Days (I accepted 583 & 585 Days as correct answers too. First sail was March 8 2005 and Return Sail was October 13 2006. You can check these dates in Rockhopper's Journal)



Question #1: In Club Penguin, besides the Beacon, where else can you find a Jet Pack?
Answer: The Cove (inside the Nipa Hut)

Question #2: When did the Migrator first sailed? (give month, day and year)
Answer: March 8, 2005 (in March 7, RH said he would set sail TOMORROW. And in March 8, he said TODAY I said goodbye. So Migrator first sailed in March 8.)

Question #3: Fill-in the Blank: "I know it be ye, Bambadee! What be the meaning of this _____________?"
Answer: Tomfoolery (it's in the book "Rockhopper and the Stow-Away" in the Book Room)

Question #4 & 5: In Club Penguin, this is the only room where you will find a ninja shadow in between giant bouys....
  • Question #4: Which room is this? Answer: The Lighthouse
  • Question #5: Which giant bouy has a lesser value? (give value/number). Answer: Bouy #7 (There are 2 giant bouys numbered #7 & #8. The lesser value is 7)


Question #1: How many rectangles are there in this figure?
Answer: 36
Scoring: Those who answered 36 got 25 tarps, 26-35 got 20 tarps, 15-25 got 15 tarps, 8-14 got 10 tarps, 0-8 got Zero.
Special Mention: Rockoina got the closest answer of 32 rectangles. Although your head hurt, you did a very good job! You rock! ;-)

Question #2: How many whole numbers less than 100 have 7 in them?
Answer: 19 (7, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 77, 87, 97, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79)
Scoring: Those who answered 19 got 25 tarps, 12-18 got 15 tarps, 10-11 got 5, 0-9 got Zero.

Question #3: A hunter walked one kilometer south from his camp. Then he walked one kilometer west. There he shot a bear. Then he walked one kilometer north, and found that he was back at his camp. What color was the bear?
Answer: White (Only at the North Pole can the conditions of the above puzzle be satisfied. And in the North Pole, all bears are White. Here's the hunter's map of his journey.)

Question #4: Can you find a dictionary word that is an anagram of INDICATORY?
Answer: Dictionary (simply unscramble the word)


This Pitstop is a Hidden Riddle. The hints as to where it can be found was given at the bottom of Race #2.

HINT1: The Sphinx is holding the riddle. Find IT.
HINT2: Look around CPCrazy Only.

Find the Hidden Riddle. There are only 2 Sphinxes in the World: 1 in Greece and 1 in Egypt. Hint #2 said to look around CPCrazy only. You may use the search box on the right-green-sidebar, type in Greece. It will not give you any post. Now, type in Egypt and it will give you this post " ANCIENT EGYPT IN CLUB PENGUIN." Also, you will find the link to this post under the FEATURED POSTS in the right-green-sidebar. Once you are there, scroll down to the bottom and you will find the Sphinx. The riddle is under it.

What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?
Answer: Man or Person or Human (A man, who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two legs as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age. Of course morning, noon, and night are metaphors for the times in a man's (person's) life. Such metaphors are common in riddles.
Special Mention: Lion Tamer was the first one to find the Hidden Riddle! And 456 Ed was the first one to solve the riddle correctly! You two are awesome! ;-)


Mission #1:
Question: As Inspector Crazy, what was the reason/clue that made you suspect RSnail’s story?
Answer: There were dried leaves all around the yard. No one could have "crept up" on Rsnail without stepping on them and making noise.

Mission #2:
Question: Who was the thief?
Answer: B. Mimo777 (From Points 6 & 7, we know that Watex is not the weight lifter. From Points 5 & 7, we know that he is not the sprinter. Therefore, he must be the marathon runner. From Points4 & 8, we know that Mimo777 is not the sprinter. Therefore, WweAdam must be the sprinter. Mimo777 is the weight lifter and the thief.)

Mission #3:
Question: As Inspector Crazy, what was the reason that made you suspect Sam’s story?
Answer: If a bullet had scraped past Sam, it would have cracked one of the mirrored walls. But the mirrors were still in perfect condition, so Inspector Crazyknew that Sam was lying


This Pitstop is a Hidden Mission. The hints as to where it can be found was given at the bottom of Race #4.

HINT1: You may go to the next mission now Inspector Crazy but do you know how to count?
HINT2: Look around CPCrazy Only.

Find the Hidden Mission. You have just solved Missions 1, Mission 2 and Mission 3. Do you know how to count? So What's Next? MISSION 4, of course! Hint #2 said to look around CPCrazy only. Missions (as in Club Penguin Missions) are in CPCrazy's Gallery Page. So click the "GALLERY" button at the top of the site and you will be directed to the Gallery Page. On the Left Yellow Sidebar, you will find Mission Walkthroughs #1 to #7. Since we are looking for Mission #4, click "MISSION #4: Avalanche Rescue." Once there, scroll to the bottom and you will find the Hidden Mission #4.

Question: Whom does Inspector Crazy suspect? And what clue points to the killer?
Special Mention: Only 2 solved this mission correctly: Goofy73 and Pen Flippy! Well done! You two are amazing! ;-)
Answer: D. Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic's "unconscious" body was too close to the door to allow the killer to exit.

Alaska was right about Rockhopper's state of mind. He had been ready to dump Aunt Arctic and return to his old love. But Aunt Arctic wasn't ready to let go.

While the others changed clothes, Aunt Arctic grabbed the ghost costume and the mask, plus the ax from the stairwell. She attacked Rockhopper, but he fought back, cutting and bruising her in the process. The only way that Aunt Arctic could explain away the injuries was to pretend to be a second victim. She discarded the ax and costume, then pretended to be unconscious in the dungeon room.

Her one mistake? She lay down too close to, or “behind”, the room's only door. If a real attacker had been in there, he would have had to move her body in order to squeeze out the door.

Peace Rocks ~Lady Maryann~