1.Talk to G.
2.He asks you to fix the problem with his machine.
Click the machine, then bring out your spy phone.
Use the comb, to comb the puffle hair.
3.G will give you the white fur, put the white fur into the machine.
The first scan doesn't pick up anything, so it does a secondary scan.
It finds hot chocolate, hot sauce, and jet pack fuel.
4.Go to the Pizza Parlor, ask what happend and if you can help.
Also ask if you can have one of the hot sauce's and chocolate's.
5.Go to the Coffee Shop, ask the penguin about the monster.
He shows you a "rough" drawing of the "monster"
Ask him for some hot chocolate, he tells you that the machine is broken.
Tell him you'll fix it.
Click the machine, then move the mug below hot chocolate.
Pour the chocolate into the top of the machine.
Grab the spy phone and twist the milk knob on with the wrench.
Then press the button for hot chocolate and grab the mug.
6.Go back to the HQ into the invention room, then grab the AC 1000.
Go to the lighthouse beacon, then use the fan on the floating fuel.
Cut down the fuel with the scissors on the spy phone.
7.Go back to the HQ and pour the three things into the goggles, then grab them.
Put on the goggles, then go to the ski lodge, you see footprints, then go into the fishing room.
8.Go to the lighthouse, grab the net and the rope.
Then go to the ski lodge, grab the candle near the door.
Then put the net and rope together and tie it to the tree in the fishing area and put the candle on it.
9.The crab comes and gets trapped, pick it up, then grab the fur left on the ground.
Give the crab to G and put the fur in the machine, it matches a polar bear.
Talk to G again then Mission Over.
10.You then get a medal, and a box of pizza.

To get the Box of Pizza do the following:
1.The pizza guy asks if you can take the pizza to the penguin fishing
2.Go to the ski lodge and through the fishing door, give him the pizza.

*Source: Big Bella (Trainee Moderator)