1. Talk to G.
2. Go to the gadget room after he unlocks it for you.
3. Pick up the life preserver.
4. Go to the ski village.
5. Pick up the fur in next to the crying penguin.
6. Pick up the Fishing pole in the Lodge.
7. Get the rope from the boat in the lighthouse.
8. Combine the life preserver, rope and fishing pole.

9. Go to the mountain.
10. Click on Ridge Run.
11. There are three paths you click on one, it leads to another and so on (The order is random).
12. Throw the Life preserver down the cliff.
13. Rescue the first three penguins.
14. Drop all the penguin next to the rock.
15. The rock will fall and push the last penguin higher.
16. Grab all the penguins and rescue the last one.
17. Talk to G.


Congratulations Inspector Crazy
for Finding Mission #4!

This is The Amazing Race (TAR)'s RACE #5
Level of Difficulty: Tricky to Difficult
Race #5 is for the X-Trailers & the Trailblazers

Let me know you found this PITSTOP by clicking the TAR #5 Submit Button at the bottom. Claim your 20 tarps NOW but you may SOLVE the MISSION at a later date. Come back here when you are ready to give me your ANSWER and get your additional 15 tarps and 15 tarps!! ;-)



Bambadee, the security guard, drew his gun, took a deep breath, and headed down a shadowy corridor full of plastic cobwebs, fake blood, and recorded screams. It was Bambadee's worst nightmare, a real-life killer on the loose in Club Penguin. At least one person was dead, and behind any one of these doors might lie another victim -- or worse, the killer -- waiting for another victim.

Someone, somewhere turned off the sound system and switched on the emergency lights. Bambadee tried the door on the left. Locked. Then the one on the right. Unlocked. He pushed it open two inches, until it hit something, something that moaned. Bambadee looked down and saw more blood. Real blood.

An hour later and the police had pieced together the basics. A total of two attacks and one murder. Rockhopper, a resident/employee, had been killed by an ax; definitely not one of the prop axes, but a real weapon. Aunt Arctic had been luckier. She, too, was bleeding from an ax attack. But when Bambadee found her, barely conscious behind the door, she was still alive.

"It could've been worse," Inspector Crazy told his captain. "There were just a few employees in Club Penguin. The attacker wasn't seen coming into the island -- or leaving, for that matter. But he was seen." Inspector Crazy checked his notepad. "Medium height, in a ghost costumeblood and a full-head rubber mask. We found the costume, the mask, and the ax not far from the second attack scene. The lab matched the blood samples. Rockhopper's blood and Aunt Arctic's ."

"Attacker not seen entering or leaving." The captain had a way of honing in on the essentials. "That's strange, given the limited access in that kind of attraction."

"Yes, sir. I'll interview the second victim, then talk to the others."

Aunt Arctic sat up in her hospital bed and spoke with effort. "We were just opening up. Rockhopper and Alaska and Billybob were changing into their costumes. My dad Screenhog was there, too. I turned on the sound system and the mood lights. I was checking the halls for garbage when I heard Billybob shouting--something about a crazy person with an ax. A few seconds later, this thing came around the corner. I knew right away.

"I don't know why I ran into the dungeon room. There's no other exit. This maniac pushed open the door and started swinging. I fell to the floor, then I must've passed out. I guess he thought I was dead, 'cause the next thing I know, the security guard was waking me up. Was anyone else hurt?"

Aunt Arctic hadn't yet been told about her boyfriend Rockhopper's death.

Billybob seemed more concerned about Aunt Arctic than about the death of his best friend Rockhopper. "She's going to be all right," Inspector Crazy assured him. "Just some cuts and bruises. You saw the attack on Rockhopper?"

"Part of it," said Billybob. "I was changing into my ghoul costume when I heard something. I went into the next room and there was Rockhopper, fighting off this guy in one of our ghost costumes and an old mask. The guy was swinging this ax, and Rockhopper was trying to grab the ax and swing back. I tried to jump in, but the guy got in one last swing, then ran off down the hall. I shouted out a warning to the others, then went to help Rockhopper. He was bleeding so much."

Alaska, who has short blonde hair, an athletic build and slightly taller than average. "I was in the locker room downstairs, changing into my witch's uniform. I guess I heard some screaming, but I thought it was the tape. I didn't realize anything was wrong until I came upstairs."

Inspector Crazy nodded, then changed subjects. "I hear Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper were engaged."

"Engaged? She wishes." Alaska's laugh died in her throat. "I shouldn't be mean. Rockhopper and I were together for years, ever since middle school. Things were getting a little stale and too serious, all at the same time. Rockhopper said we should see other people for a while, just to get it out of our systems. That's all Aunt Arctic was, a little experiment. He told her that he was coming back to me."

This was the third different story that Inspector Crazy had heard. According to Aunt Arctic, they were happy, and Rockhopper had already proposed. According to Billybob, Aunt Arctic cried on his shoulder all the time. She was sick of Rockhopper and ready to leave. And now Alaska's variation on the old, familiar theme.

Inspector Crazy caught up with Aunt Arctic's father Screenhog at Club Penguin. A curious throng stood by the police barricades in front of the boardwalk attraction. "Thank God Aunt Arctic's okay." Then he chuckled. "I can't figure out if this will be good for business or bad."

"Are you the sole owner?" Inspector Crazy asked.

"Me and Aunt Arctic," said the sad-eyed, middle-aged man. "Aunt Arctic has an inheritance from her grandparents. I'm the trustee until she turns 30 or gets married. A chunk of her money went into Club Penguin. It's a good investment for her."

"Did you see or hear anything this morning? Anything at all?"

Screenhog shook his head. "Bambadee and the kids were all there when I unlocked the doors. I locked up behind them, then went upstairs to the office. They often joked about a real killer getting loose in the Club Penguin."

"I'm not surprised."

"That ghost costume came from a storage closet. And the ax..."

"Was the stairwell fire ax."

Screenhog sighed. "It doesn't look like an outsider, does it?"

Inspector Crazy agreed. It was an inside job, all right. And he had a good idea which insider it was.

Whom does Inspector Crazy suspect? And what clue points to the killer?

A. Rockhopper
B. Alaska
C. Billybob
D. Aunt Arctic

Good luck y'all! ^.^

Peace Rocks ~Lady Maryann~


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