You would be surprised at how "easy and quick" I made this WALKTHROUGH FOR MISSION 7 to be. You don't even need to know and read what G (Gary The Gadget Guy) and the other penguins say to finish this mission. I included in here each and every click. ;-)

Now, let's go get your MISSION 7 MEDAL AND GIFT! ;-)

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Step 1.
To enter Mission 7, Click "CLOCKWORK REPAIRS" > click LAUNCH MISSION Button


Step 2. Click G 1x then choose first answer "I read about it in the Club Penguin Times..."
  1. Click G 3X > click the monitor/screen/tv that shows The Snowforts. It's on the Left side of G's head
  2. Watch the video of the robbery. NOTE where the Clock's SPRING went (Iceberg!)
  3. Click either side of your screen to go back to G
Step 3. Click G 1x > choose "The Polar Bear!....."
  1. Click G 3X > choose "What items are at my disposal?"
  2. Click G 1x > go RIGHT and look for the INVENTION CABINET. It's beside the Eye Scan 3000
Step 4. Click the middle door of the INVENTION CABINET. It has the ELECTROMAGNET 3000. Enter the Password "KEY":
  1. For the 1st Padlock, "K": click the DOWN-Arrow 1x (or UP-Arrow 20X)
  2. For the 2nd Padlock, "E": click the UP-Arrow 15X (or DOWN-Arrow 17X)
  3. For the 3rd Padlock, "Y": click the DOWN-Arrow 4x (or UP-Arrow 25X)
Inventory Cabinet opens > click ELECTROMAGNET 3000 and into your inventory

Step 5
. Enter the GADGET ROOM by clicking on its steel door

  1. Move RIGHT until you see the LIFE RING on the shelf > click it and into your inventory
Step 6. Click MAP on the Upper Left Hand Corner
  1. Go to Iceberg > move LEFT until you see the frozen SPRING bobbing in the water
  2. To get it, drop the Electromagnet ON the Spring
  3. Now click the Spring and ElectroMagnet back to your inventory
Step 7. Click MAP > Go to the Dock
  1. Move Left until you see the 2 Penguins with the Target
  2. Click any penguin 1x > choose "Wow! Where did you get that target?"
  3. Click any penguin 5x > choose "Sorry guys but I have to take that Target with me. It's a missing part from the clock tower."
  4. Click any penguin 6x > choose "Alright. I'll do it!"
  5. Click any penguin 1x > PLAY. You have 10 tries to hit the moving Target 3x
How to hit the Target:
  1. Hold the Left Click on your mouse until the Energy Level goes up
  2. Target then Release the Left Click only if the Energy Level is high and if you think you will hit the Target
  3. You have 10 tries to hit the Target 3x successfully
If you FAIL:
  1. Click any penguin 4x > click "Yes, I am ready."
  2. Click any penguin 1x > you will play again
  1. Click any penguin 6x > They will give you the Target
  2. Click the Life Ring in your inventory > give it to any penguin -The Life Ring will be their "replacement target" for practice
  3. You may continue clicking the any penguin 4x more to see what they are saying OR go directly to the next step.
Step 8. Click Map > Go to Town
  1. You will see the Green Penguin named Rookie in front of the Nightclub
  2. Click Rookie 2x > choose "Good to see you again rookie!"
  3. Click Rookie 2x > choose "WaiTy,I've been looking for a picture of the gear!..."
  4. Click Rookie 1x > he will give you the POSTER > click and put it into your inventory
Step 9. Click MAP > Go to the Beach
  1. Move Left until you see the Yellow & Green Penguins
  2. Click the Green Pail between the Green and Yellow Penguins and into your inventory. DO NOT click the snow! We need to fill the green pail with snow from the SNOWFORTS ONLY!
  3. You may click on the yellow penguin for some conversation OR go directly go to the next step
Step 10. Click Map > Go to the Snowforts
  1. Click the Green Pail in your inventory > click anywhere in the snow
  2. The Green Pail will be filled up with snow > click that pail back into your inventory
Step 11. Click Map > Go to the Plaza
  1. Enter the Pizza Parlor > pick up the Music Sheet and into your inventory
  2. Exit the pizza parlor by clicking on the door
Step 12. Enter the Stage
  1. Move RIGHT until you see the Piano > click on the piano
  2. Put the Music Sheet onto the Piano > play it
  3. The color in the music sheet corresponds to the color of the key of the piano. At this point, make sure you can hear what you play. Do not double click or you wont be able to get it right
  4. If you got it right, the Yellow Puffle will come out of the curtain > click either side of your screen to move away from the piano and back to the Stage
  5. Give the Yellow Puffle the Poster and the snow-filled Green Pail
  6. Wait for Yellow Puffle to finish making the gear
  7. Click the Green Pail and the Snow Gear into your inventory. Leave the Poster behind
Step 13. Click your Spyphone > click "VISIT HQ"
  1. Inside HQ, go Left and enter the Gadget Room
  2. Inside the Gadget Room, go Left until you see the TEST CHAMBER
  1. Click the Frozen Spring from your inventory and put it on the Test Chamber Conveyor
  2. Click on the Lever > click FIRE button to melt the ice
  3. Click the Lever again > click the Spring and back into your inventory
  1. Click the Snow Gear from your inventory and put it on the Test Chamber Conveyor
  2. Click the Lever > click the SNOW button to crystalize the snow gear > Click the Lever again> click the Gear and back into your inventory
Step 14. Click Map > Go to the Snowforts
  1. Move Right until you see the Clock Tower > go to the back of the clock tower by clicking below it
  2. Click the Spring in your inventory > place it on left side of the clock
  3. Click the Gear in your inventory > place it at the center of the clock
  4. Click the Target in your inventory > place the Target to the extreme left of the clock
The Clock Tower is now fixed! Thanks to you! ;-)

Step 15. Click on either side of the screen to go to the front of the Clock tower
  1. Click the Orange Penguin 1x > your spyphone will ring
  2. Click your inventory > click the spyphone
It's the BEAR!
  1. Click Bear's Message 2x > G will appear
  2. Click G 1x > choose "Always glad to be of service G."
  3. Click G 2x > get your MEDAL and GIFT
Congratulations! ;-)

Solve 'til You Drop! ^.^

*Source: Original Text & Images. Copyright@Lady Maryann for Club Penguin Crazy.