1. Talk to Aunt Artic
2. Go to the Pet Shop and find a note on the Puffle House.
3. The note is in code, but should say, “G Has __ Pairs ofSocks”
4. Every note is different and every pair of socks is different.
5. When you read the note, go to the Ski Shop.
6. Ask G if he has any Special Items.
7. Give him the answer to amount of socks he has.
8. Ask to see some Spy Gadgets.
9. He will open up the cabinet. Take the Life Preserver Shooter.
10. Go to the iceberg.
11. Use the gadget to shoot life preservers to the penguins.
12. Next, go to the Ski Mountain.
14. You find the penguin crying, use the wrench to fix his telescope.
15. Look through the telescope and you’ll see the green puffle flying around the Tallest Mountain on the map.
16. Go back to the Ski Shop and take the Grappling Hook.
17. Go to the Tallest Mountain.
18. Swing the grappling to the summit of the mountain.
19. You find the green and purple puffles there. Take them to Aunt Arctic’s igloo.

*Source: Big Bella (Trainee Moderator)