1. Talk to the agent with pushing your first response every time.
2. Tell him to open the door and he can’t.
3. Then go to the manager’s office.
4. Click under the couch and pick up a paperclip and a disk.
5. Click the computer and put the disk in the computer and turn it on.
6. Click my files and then Combination_Number.
7. Remember the numbers, go downstairs, and use it to open the safe.
8. Go into the safe and then keep answering his questions with first response.
9. Your phone rings, go to the HQ.
10. Talk to G and then agree to look at the footage.
11. Go to the key drawer and click the yellowish key on the upper left.
12. Go to Manager’s Office and use the key to get to roof.
13. First, pick up the white fur on the ground.
14. Then, use your wrench to take off the bolts of the Powa Box.
15. Look inside, and then take your paperclip and put it in the box.
16. The box should start acting up and then get destroyed.
17. Go back through the door and then go downstairs.
18. Respond with the first response, and then go to G’s HQ.
19. Respond with the first responses and give G the white fibers.

*Source: Big Bella (Trainee Moderator)