Kittens77777 joined Club Penguin in Dec2007 and became a member in Jan2008. The only famous penguin Kitten77777 has ever met was Halo21 from CPTV.

View his cool igloo here:

If you want to know more about Kittens77777, you may email him through Club Penguin Crazy. CPC will handle initial exchange of emails. If Kittens77777 approves, then we will provide you his email address.

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kittens77777 said...

Hey thats me! :D

kittens77777 said...

hey guys! i just mimo777! WOO HOO!

kittens77777 said...

If you look at the back of my tv on fullscreen, there is an "A" on it.

Lady Maryann of CPCrazy said...

hi kittens! yup thats you! ;-) you mean you just met mimo? wow! i havent met him and havent been to any of his parties :-( next time maybe you could time me the time and locations so i could come too ;-)

the "A" is actually part of my watermark. if you look closely, there is a faint "club penguin crazy" mark emblazoned on the image. it goes from the upper left corner and goes all the way down "diagonally" to the lower right corner ;-)


kittens77777 said...

Woah! I never noticed that!

kittens77777 said...

Lady Maryann please follow me on twitter. I am following you. Go here to follow me: