It's blood red! And I mighty love it! ;-)

I know many would be mighty disappointed that it's not the Pink-Purple Party Hat that they PREDICTED. But me, I soooo love it just because it's blood red! hehehe! Had it not been that color, I might have e-mailed CP my mighty disappointment! ;-)

I had doubts about it being a party hat BUT I didn't have any idea what it will be either. That's why I never wrote about it nor posted the image of the 'supposed' Pink-Purple Party Hat until early today when someone emailed me that the Beta Tester Gift will be a Hat but not a Cone Hat. My consideration was:

The ONLY things that would be considered RARE are PINS and Cone (Anniversary) Hats. If that is true, then how could it be RARE if like a MILLION is wearing it?! ;-)

We should all be happy to have received a gift at all! We didn't even know they were going to give one until the CPIP Test was finished. So, shush, wear it and go tip the iceburg ;-)

***Read the Original Post Here. Read at your own risk ;-)

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