Question #1: In Club Penguin, besides the Beacon, where else can you find a Jet Pack?
Answer: The Cove (inside the Nipa Hut)

Question #2: When did the Migrator first sailed? (give month, day and year)
Answer: March 8, 2005 (in March 7, RH said he would set sail TOMORROW. And in March 8, he said TODAY I said goodbye. So Migrator first sailed in March 8.)

Question #3: Fill-in the Blank: "I know it be ye, Bambadee! What be the meaning of this _____________?"
Answer: Tomfoolery (it's in the book "Rockhopper and the Stow-Away" in the Book Room)

Question #4 & 5: In Club Penguin, this is the only room where you will find a ninja shadow in between giant bouys....
  • Question #4: Which room is this? Answer: The Lighthouse
  • Question #5: Which giant bouy has a lesser value? (give value/number). Answer: Bouy #7 (There are 2 giant bouys numbered #7 & #8. The lesser value is 7)


Question #1: How many rectangles are there in this figure?
Answer: 36
Scoring: Those who answered 36 got 25 tarps, 26-35 got 20 tarps, 15-25 got 15 tarps, 8-14 got 10 tarps, 0-8 got Zero.
Special Mention: Rockoina got the closest answer of 32 rectangles. Although your head hurt, you did a very good job! You rock! ;-)

Question #2: How many whole numbers less than 100 have 7 in them?
Answer: 19 (7, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 77, 87, 97, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79)
Scoring: Those who answered 19 got 25 tarps, 12-18 got 15 tarps, 10-11 got 5, 0-9 got Zero.

Question #3: A hunter walked one kilometer south from his camp. Then he walked one kilometer west. There he shot a bear. Then he walked one kilometer north, and found that he was back at his camp. What color was the bear?
Answer: White (Only at the North Pole can the conditions of the above puzzle be satisfied. And in the North Pole, all bears are White. Here's the hunter's map of his journey.)

Question #4: Can you find a dictionary word that is an anagram of INDICATORY?
Answer: Dictionary (simply unscramble the word)


This Pitstop is a Hidden Riddle. The hints as to where it can be found was given at the bottom of Race #2.

HINT1: The Sphinx is holding the riddle. Find IT.
HINT2: Look around CPCrazy Only.

Find the Hidden Riddle. There are only 2 Sphinxes in the World: 1 in Greece and 1 in Egypt. Hint #2 said to look around CPCrazy only. You may use the search box on the right-green-sidebar, type in Greece. It will not give you any post. Now, type in Egypt and it will give you this post " ANCIENT EGYPT IN CLUB PENGUIN." Also, you will find the link to this post under the FEATURED POSTS in the right-green-sidebar. Once you are there, scroll down to the bottom and you will find the Sphinx. The riddle is under it.

What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?
Answer: Man or Person or Human (A man, who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two legs as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age. Of course morning, noon, and night are metaphors for the times in a man's (person's) life. Such metaphors are common in riddles.
Special Mention: Lion Tamer was the first one to find the Hidden Riddle! And 456 Ed was the first one to solve the riddle correctly! You two are awesome! ;-)


Mission #1:
Question: As Inspector Crazy, what was the reason/clue that made you suspect RSnail’s story?
Answer: There were dried leaves all around the yard. No one could have "crept up" on Rsnail without stepping on them and making noise.

Mission #2:
Question: Who was the thief?
Answer: B. Mimo777 (From Points 6 & 7, we know that Watex is not the weight lifter. From Points 5 & 7, we know that he is not the sprinter. Therefore, he must be the marathon runner. From Points4 & 8, we know that Mimo777 is not the sprinter. Therefore, WweAdam must be the sprinter. Mimo777 is the weight lifter and the thief.)

Mission #3:
Question: As Inspector Crazy, what was the reason that made you suspect Sam’s story?
Answer: If a bullet had scraped past Sam, it would have cracked one of the mirrored walls. But the mirrors were still in perfect condition, so Inspector Crazyknew that Sam was lying


This Pitstop is a Hidden Mission. The hints as to where it can be found was given at the bottom of Race #4.

HINT1: You may go to the next mission now Inspector Crazy but do you know how to count?
HINT2: Look around CPCrazy Only.

Find the Hidden Mission. You have just solved Missions 1, Mission 2 and Mission 3. Do you know how to count? So What's Next? MISSION 4, of course! Hint #2 said to look around CPCrazy only. Missions (as in Club Penguin Missions) are in CPCrazy's Gallery Page. So click the "GALLERY" button at the top of the site and you will be directed to the Gallery Page. On the Left Yellow Sidebar, you will find Mission Walkthroughs #1 to #7. Since we are looking for Mission #4, click "MISSION #4: Avalanche Rescue." Once there, scroll to the bottom and you will find the Hidden Mission #4.

Question: Whom does Inspector Crazy suspect? And what clue points to the killer?
Special Mention: Only 2 solved this mission correctly: Goofy73 and Pen Flippy! Well done! You two are amazing! ;-)
Answer: D. Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic's "unconscious" body was too close to the door to allow the killer to exit.

Alaska was right about Rockhopper's state of mind. He had been ready to dump Aunt Arctic and return to his old love. But Aunt Arctic wasn't ready to let go.

While the others changed clothes, Aunt Arctic grabbed the ghost costume and the mask, plus the ax from the stairwell. She attacked Rockhopper, but he fought back, cutting and bruising her in the process. The only way that Aunt Arctic could explain away the injuries was to pretend to be a second victim. She discarded the ax and costume, then pretended to be unconscious in the dungeon room.

Her one mistake? She lay down too close to, or “behind”, the room's only door. If a real attacker had been in there, he would have had to move her body in order to squeeze out the door.

Peace Rocks ~Lady Maryann~


Pen Flippy said...

yay!! answers thanks maryann!!! I just got one question.. How is there 36 rectangles in that figure?? lol thats wierd.. :D

Lion Tamer 1 said...

Thanks Maryann for giving me credit for finding the riddle, even though I did not answer it correctly!

Speek to ME said...

If i only where the hidden ones were I would of been able to get those pionts. Becuase i knew most of them.

Lady Maryann of CPCrazy said...

Hooyah! ^.^

pen flippy: trust me there are 36 rectangles in there ;-) ok will make diagrams and post it here (although that would take looong) ;-) or you could ask rockoina how she got 32 ;-)

lion tamer 1: you were very fast in unlocking the hints... i was pleasantly shocked that you found it so fast ;-) very good job!

speek to me: yup! but you see, part of the race and excitement is looking for hidden things ;-)


goofy73 said...

thanks so much!

you're friend goofy73

PinkDucky said...

How there's like 36 triangles n stuff in there is cuz...well I don't know how to explain it and stuff..heh heh